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Casual Violence + Siege live at Furanum Records Night 2010-05-28

Need I say more? Recorded at last month’s Furanum Records Night in Kocynder Club, Chorzów, Poland.

Casual Violence live at Furanum Records Night # 4
The 65d Mavericks – On The Edge [Surface] [SF016]
Orphx – Still point [Sonic Groove] [SG1039]
Surgeon – Shaper Of The Unknown [Counterbalance] [CBX008]
Obtane – Water storm [Sonic Groove] [SG0937]
Female – Slave [Downwards] [DWN04]
Female – Back Lash [Downwards] [DWN04]
Silent Servant – Discipline [Sandwell District] [SD15]
British Murder Boys – Be Like I Am [Counterbalance] [CBX011]
Female – Back Lash (Female edit) [RSB] [RSB03]
Surgeon – Klonk [Dynamic Tension] [DTR007]
Female – Exotica – o/v edit [RSB] [RSB03]
Substance & Vainqueur – Emerge 1 (BMB remix 1) [Scion Versions] [SV03]
Loktibrada – Untitled (Regis remix) [RSB] [RSB2]
Paul Damage – Untitled [Jacktation] [JACT005]
Brethren – “Turn The Other (Butt) Cheek [Sect] [SECT2]
Ancient Methods – Else (radio edit) [Ancient Methods] [METHOD003]
S.O.L. – Quantensprung 1 [Platipus] [PLAT59]
L.S.G. – 88 [Hooj Choons] [HOOJ62]
Surgeon – Klonk (A1) [Dynamic Tension] [DTR007]
Paul Bailey – Saturday Boy (Paul Bailey remix) [1881 Records] [E006]
Adam Beyer & Henrik B – Kushido [Drumcode] [DC25]
Adam Beyer & Henrik B – Constellation [Drumcode] [DC25]
Kocynder Club, Chorzów 28/05/2010

Siege live at Furanum Records Night # 4
n/a live at Kocynder Club, Chorzów 28/05/2010


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