Surgeon + Blawan’s TRADE, live in Dublin 02.10

In 2015 British techno maverick Anthony Child’s long enduring alias Surgeon needs no introduction, and neither does his effective protégée Blawan. So neither get one. For the past few years the pair have performed here n there, together as TRADE. And as such, a recent recording from early October in Dublin at District8 has been shared.

Over to Child –

TRADE live is totally improvised, nothing is prepared beforehand. Every performance starts from scratch. We use modular synthesisers and hardware machines. We both really enjoyed the performance in Dublin on 2nd October and we’re happy with where this Live Improvisation project is heading. So we wanted to share the recording of this performance with you.

As a bonus, and because people (mostly bearded men it seems) like seeing all the machines with their buttons, knobs and flashing things – here’s the duo strutting their stuff at Awakenings back in June.


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