Surgeon’s ambient hybrid DJ / live set for Freerotation

British techno maverick Surgeon was at Welsh festival Freerotation at the weekend. Alongside a liveset as Trade (his joint project with Blawan), he presented a two hour hybrid DJ / live set on an ambient, downbeat tip – something he did at last years event.

It was performed and recorded live at the festival in a yurt structure.

This time my idea for the set was to take us all much further out, much deeper inside than the set from last year. A more disembodied experience. As I had done last year, I sat on the floor in front of the speakers to perform instead of behind them as a DJ normally does. This greatly enhanced my feeling of experiencing the set with the audience, dissolving the usual performer / audience divide.

Many thanks to Steevio, the whole Freerotation crew and everyone who experienced it there with me.

He’s kindly shared the recording and a list of the tracks he played, with the live improvisation by means of a Eurorack modular system.

Lars Von Trier – Intro from Europa
Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings – Crossing the Line – Tibetan Bells III
Delia Derbyshire – Running – Inventions For Radio – Dreams
Compound Eye – Hydraulic Regime Vibrates Within – Journey from Anywhere
Coil – Copal – Moon’s Milk (In Four Phases)
Cosey Fanni Tutti – Such Is Life – Time To Tell
Coil – Die Wölfe Kommen Zurück – Black Light District
William S. Burroughs – The Cat Inside: Excerpts – The Best Of William Burroughs
Jo Johnson – Words Came After Music – Weaving
Coil – Bism – Worship The Glitch
Delia Derbyshire – Colour – Inventions For Radio – Dreams
Long Distance Poison – Signal I (Drew McDowall Remix) – Gleise Translations
Coil – Caged Birds – Worship The Glitch
Coil – Magnetic North – Winter Solstice
Aphex Twin – Rhubarb – Selected Ambient Works, Volume II
Coil – We Have Always Been Here – Worship The Glitch
Jo Johnson – Long Shadow (Anthony Child remix)
Rapoon – We Danced Like Sticks – The Kirghiz Light
Alessandro Cortini – Resta – Forse 1
Delia Derbyshire – Falling – Inventions For Radio – Dreams
Compound Eye – Open Interval 1 – Journey from Anywhere
Rapoon – Dala – The Kirghiz Light
Coil – Ended – Worship The Glitch


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