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Mantis Radio 62 – Anniversary Special

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It’s our anniversary special – marking 3 years of broadcasting. Hear some of our favourite tracks from the last 12 months and the most popular guest sessions in the last year.

DJ Food + DK – Sentinel (Shadow Guard) [Ninja Tune]
PMT – Necromancer [En:vision]
Hardfloor – The Trill Acid Theme (ERP remix) [Hardfloor]
Kraddy – Android Porn (Si Begg Vs. K-The-I??? Re-Fix) (Alternate Instrumental) [Equinox Records]
Actraiser – Believe You [Haunted Audio]
Subeena – Picture [Opit Records]
Datassette – Follow That Sphere [self released]
Fuck Buttons – Surf Solar (7″ edit) [ATP Recordings]

Our 2nd most popular session

Technical stupidity meant that the 2nd most downloaded show was played in place of the 3rd most downloaded show.

Eleven Tigers – Trail [self released]
Moderat – Seamonkey (Untold remix) [BPitch Control]
Robert Hood – Range [M-Plant]
Eric Sneo – Coming Home [Driving Forces Recordings]
Proof of Concept – It Was a Train (Lester Diamond remix) [Summer Rain White]
Ion Driver – bbRobot (Teutonic Kaboom remix) [Digital Distortions]
Ben Klock – Subzero [Ostgut Ton]
Marcel Dettmnn – Rerun [Marcel Dettmnan Records]
Sclist – Sounds Better (Beatlemanic) [unreleased]
N COM – NCOM Chapter 3 (Len Faki remix) []
Len Faki – Death by House [Cocoon]

Our 3rd most popular session

Broken Note – Crux [Ad Noiseam]
Kid606 – Monsters (Sickboy remix) [Tigerbeat6]
Deadman DJ – Thist [unreleased]
Surgeon – Compliance Momentum [Dynamic Tension]
Inigo Kennedy – Slipstream [Asymmetric]
Buckfunk 3000 – High Volume/Jump (HecQ’s ‘High Volume Jumpin’ remix) [Tigerbeat6]
Issac Himself – Sea Forest Pantaloon [Myuzyk]
Si Begg – Jetlag and Tinnitus Part 1 (Crystal Distortion remix) [Noodles]
ORiS – Leatherface [unreleased]
Addison Grove – Footcrab [Swamp81]
A Paul – Pangea Ultima (Original mix) [unreleased]
Christian Mohr – Poltrabend [Zimmer]
Bas Mooy – Nachtsschade (Radial remix) [Planet Rhythm]
Baconhead – Wookie [Acroplane]
Byetone – To Fade Away [Raster-Noton]
Diarmaid O’Meara – Selfish Bass (Luke Creed’s broken mix) [unreleased]
Molez – Mimicry [Digital Distortions]
Front 242 – Headhunter (Exzakts Vicennial mix) [unreleased]
Dead Sound + Videohead – Repent [unreleased]
Gennaro Mastrantonio – Darkside of Miami (Perc’s EBM Love remix) [Sleaze Records]
T.R.O. – Sinkhole [Sheep Technique]

WU-TANG (Enter the Dubstep)
Our most popular session

Can’t say I’m surprised it was a very popular show, with one hell of a mix, make no mistake. Gracefully put together with some serious dexterity by Hellfire Machina, who curated the project, remixing the Wu-Tang Clan with a range of dubstep producers. Including: Jay Da Flex, Scuba, DZ, Chimpo, Evol Intent, and Hellfire Machina.


Well here we are, we’ve reached 3 years of broadcasting the show. It doesn’t seem like 3 years but the figures don’t lie. With it being our anniversary special – coming up – the top 3 most listened to episodes broadcast in the past year, with a 20 minute excerpt from each. Supporting that we delve into the 462 fresh tracks played and serve up as many as I can.

Sit back, turn it up and get with the Darkfloor vibe.

Again, a massive shout to all of you who tune in and listen to the show. Thank you, thank you, thankyou.

The top 10 most downloaded shows broadcast in the past year:
50 – Wu-Tang (Enter The Dubstep) w/ Hellfire Machina
43 – Black Hoe Recordings
52 – Vadz
47 – Jerome Hill
54 – Mad EP
51 – T.R.O.
56 – Coefficient
59 – Smashback
53 – Full Spektrum
55 – Datacrashrobot – Logical Disorder

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