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Mantis Radio 348 – Filmmaker

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We’ve a blinder of a mix by Filmmaker – Colombia’s prolific minimal wave + EBM electronics producer. Showcasing his style w/ a club mix ahead of his upcoming UK/EU tour (dates below).

Hear new tracks from Berlin via Cressida, Sleeparchive, + electro label Mechatronica. Plus. The debut release from Guatemala’s Maoh. Italian duo Tapefeed. The ever reliable Skee Mask. Norway’s electronic math-rock duo Aiming For Enrike. Russia’s Hatewax remixing Inigo Kennedy. Impressive remixing of Brecon, by new on our radar Swiss producer numeral. A classic slab of Florida death metal. Deforestation protest music from Coldcut. And, some early 80s Dutch synth-pop.

Cortese – 2 b wit u [Timeisnow]
Cressida – Berlin Grammar [Haven]
/DL/MS/ – IC-1101 [Mechatronica]
Skee Mask – P. Prog [self released]
Schwefelgelb – Weit Genug [n-PLEX]
Sleeparchive – 2023 (1) 2 [self released]
Maoh – Yellow Crane [Maoh]
Tapefeed – Snakes in Suits [Houndstooth]
CYRK – Tsikey [Cultivated Electronics]
Inigo Kennedy – Tribulations (Hatewax remix) [Bazovoe Techno]
Kev Koko, DJ Gigola, Perra Inmunda – Beso De Angel [Live From Earth Klub]
Coldcut & Hexstatic – Timber (DK Recut) [Ninja Tune]
BRECON – Prodromal (Numeral remix) [With Bells Records]
Aiming For Enrike – The Rats and The Children [Jansen Records]
Death – Within the Mind [Relapse Records]

The Fifth Stigma – A Reflection On Misery
Filmmaker – Untitled
SKR – Mad Brain
Yansyet – Lossless
Fluid Ghost – Black-eyed Girl (C remix)
Thomas Trance – The Prophecy
ftshsm – ???????????????????
Komor Kommando – Triggerfinger
BERSERKRR – Detonator
deadjump – I Want Your Body (Spasmo remix)
Living In The Cut – PILLOW WALK
Clefomat – Whisper TT28-505
The Spy – Paradox
Any Act – Jug a Jug
Dagga – Keep Going
Ruksby – Ghetto Fighter
Chino – Spomenik [Synthetik]
Filmmaker – Locked & Loaded [Synthetik]

Ibrahim Alfa – Drifting [Workshop]
The Actor – Automobil [Mannequin Records]

Featured Guest

Ahead of his UK and EU tour this Spring, Filmmaker provides with a fierce mix. Faunes Efe has been releasing raw, minimal wave, and EBM electronics for about 5 years. In 2020 he released Eternal Return, which was my first introduction into his awesome sound.

A prolific producer, Efe has released over 30 LPs in the last 5 years, and that’s outside of his other aliases – including HAUNTER, Psychick Wound, Renderer, and The Darknet.

In 2021 he launched his own label Body Musickdungeon electronics and vehicles for the soul.

You can catch him playing Liverpool, March 9th at QUARRY, London on the 10th, Newcastle on the 11th and Glasgow on the 12th. He’s in Portugal on the 18th and is in Holland in April. He’s a complete list of on his tour dates on his Facebook.

Filmmaker live at QUARRY

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