Ambient metal duo Northumbria in session tonight on Mantis Radio

Rescheduled from last week, tonight Mantis Radio is back on Future Music FM. We’re live from 8PM UK/UTC+1.

Three weeks ago we were in Wales with Pasha Alpturer. An artist who draws influence from the early days of squat parties – with a tough and raw old skool electro machine crunch to his sound. Tonight we present Canadian ambient metal duo Northumbria for an exclusive live session featuring fellow Canadian Famine (who reworks the final 16 minute segment of their session).

Formed in 2011 by former Holoscene members Jim Field and Dorian Williamson – Northumbria have a  beautiful and deeply captivating sound that is a combination of the influences each brings to the group. From industrial metal, to goth, to post rock.

Using only guitar and bass mega amplified and recorded live, Northumbria create a wall of improvised drones that take the listener on a sonic journey through a dystopian landscape.

In February 2012 the band recorded their début full length live in the sanctuary of a 19th century church in Northumberland county.

In June 2012, Montreal based TQA Records would release the recording that captured the resounding ambience of the sanctuary. All Days Begin as Nights, a follow up remix project by Altar of Waste Records would drop on Halloween 2013.

In May this year the pair released a joint release split with fellow Canadians North Atlantic Drift on Polar Seas Recordings.

Coming up they’ve their 3″ CD Blood Orchid EP due in September on UK based Cathedral Tranmissions and their follow-up full length Bring Down the Sky due in November on Belgian metal label Consouling Sounds. Williamson also tells us that they are working on a concept album about the Norse discovery of Helluland (Baffin Island Canada).


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