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Black Hoe Recordings slam into the session slot w/ a showcase mix of their dark drum & bass, jungle, and breakcore sound. Before the carnage, music from Bad Company UK (DEIBC), Decal, Battles, Hoth System, Geeneus, Galaxian, and Kate Bush!

Bad Company UK – Bullet Time (SPOR remix) [Bad Taste Recordings]
Wixel – Skatebeats [self released]
Decal – Sunset (Being remix) [Decal-Artifakt]
Zzzzra + Axs – Je Suis Un Rat (Restructure) [Deepindub]
Uncle Sam – Round The World Girls (Tes La Rok VIP Mix) [Argon]
Repeat Repeat – Loops and Boundaries [Soma]
Battles – Atlas (DJ Koze remix) [Warp Recordings]
Si Begg – The Bleeps (Si Begg VIP Mix) [Mutate Records]
Rapunzel – Caleuche [Antiritmo]
Dessben – La Trama [Offaudio]
Hoth System – Feed The Pids [unreleased]
Geeneus – Yellowtail VIP [Rinse FM]
T Polar – Chaclit Step [Digital Distortions]
Acid Mikhalych – Phat 101 []
Sabretooth – Scourge [Sabretooth Records]
Dr. Schmidt – Flesh [Maschinen Musik]
Beat Freak – Fragile Balance [dedpod]
Galaxian – Happy Accident [Doppelganger]
Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (Datassette remix) [Datassette]

Xenophobe Of NTX – LennÈk [unreleased]
ValkyR – Horrors In The Background [Black Hoe]
Trimada – I Am [Fool’s Forest]
Sirissh – Bleeding Screams [Black Hoe]
Sinecore feat. Peter Kurten – God Hates Us All [Black Hoe Alimony]
Kaize – Illusion [Black Hoe Alimony]
Halves – Grotesque [Dwarfstar]
Karol Krime – Mata Hari [Black Hoe]
Mastif – Warcraft [Black Hoe Alimony]
Peter Kurten – Madness [Black Hoe]
Parallel – My Beautiful Destruction part 1 [Pinecone Moonshine]
Snaper – Inspirationless [Golden Age]
Throttler – No Hold Back [Black Hoe Alimony]
Peter Kurten – Unstoppable [Black Hoe]
V8 – Berzerk [Black Hoe]
Mystification + Kharon – Chosen For Destruction [Black Hoe Alimony]
Halves – Looking Glass [Black Hoe]

Featured Guest

Back in 1996, Migu began to latch onto the musical world as an enthusiastic listener; hardcore techno, German speedcore and the Prodigy. 1999 and he begins to develop a vinyl habit, which takes over by 2001. From there he gets into running his own Lucidum Intervallum parties, pushing the drum’n’bass scene in Budapest.

Two Hungarian DJ friends (Samulkow and Kozy) join him and together they forge the group Black Hoe in September 2004. Performances and radio shows see Migu and his friends perform along the likes of Technical Itch, Dylan, Robyn Chaos, Limewax, The Panacea, Cooh, Dom & Roland, Audio, Spl, The Sect, Evol Intent, B-Key, Current Value, Donny, DJ Hidden, Eye-D, Counterstrike, Kryptic Minds, Sunchase, Black Sun Empire, Bad Company, Twisted Individual, Lee, Lenny D, Ophidian, The Rapist, Jason Forrest aka Donna Summer, Drumcorps, Judg’Ann and Pedro Zazn.

By 2005, Black Hoe is more than just a DJ collective, it’s now a net label with the aim to present less know, but talented and skilled producers to the world. Bringing the work of producers like Mystification, Unabomber, Numek and Dashcraft from Hungary, the Romanian Core Corp, Hemoglobin, Gasmask 71, Reemo, Eye and Noize Punishment from Czech Republic, the Belgian Antichristus, Lorcscyric and Cytech from Germany and the American Company Truck up to the plate.

Black Hoe Alimony came along in early 2008, being the paid-for digital imprint. Endeavouring to collect tunes:

which are not acceptable only for those who live in the dark but others who are walking on the bright side. Besides this, the label aims at presenting something new and different, some hybrid sound. With her first release line of bearing was determined: the epic piano melody, the amen madness and hardcore techno beats of Show Me How To Cry touch the future.

2008 is also the year that Migu awakened to the idea of producing music, and with Volko he formed V8, bringing heavy, but completely different industrial drum n bass music to the foreground.

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