Pat Coefficient standing in front of a wall, bright colours behind him
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Mantis Radio 56 – Coefficient

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In the mix, London’s underground techno producer/DJ Coefficient. With music from Alix Perez, Mazzula, Biome, Zed Bias, Jammer, Autechre, and more.

Project Dark – Spring of Thigh’s Rest [Invisible]
Alix Perez – The Cut Deepens feat. Foreign Beggars [Shogun Audio]
Visuelle Musik – 5465465 [Luxus-Arctica Records International]
Mr. Seavers – Massive Regressive [unreleased]
Autechre – Treale [Warp Records]
Ellen Allien – Pump [BPitch Control]
Daniel Portman + Stanley Ross – Tiny Dolls [Enormous Tunes]
Kill Minimal – Learning to Say No [Offaudio]
Biome – Don’t Leave [Sub Pressure]
Dead Sound – Reflex [Acroplane Recordings]
Dead Sound – Time to End [Acroplane Recordings]
Luke’s Anger – Hackney Warehouse [self released]
Scapo – Lady Crystal Overture [Dirty Drop Records]
Mazzula – Justice [unreleased]
Terror Danjah – Acid [Hyperdub]
Jammer – Better Than (Lorn remix) [XLR8R]
Luis Ruiz – Etagolana [Armatura]
Zed Bias feat. Juiceman + Nicky Prince – Time Out (El-B remix) [Tempa]

Caustic Window – Italic Eyeball
Takaaki Itoh – Shift
Pacou – Gravity 4
Rumenige + Loktibrada – Moda
Subscape – Slow Moe
DJ Boss – Zakruta
Godai – Walk of the Dog (Asagaoaudio remix)
Ritzi Lee – D-Tek
Aphex Twin – Phloam
MR 7611 – Spirit of Man
Kraddy – New World Empire (Discordians remake)
Autechre – Second Scout
Wavemother – Marathon
Go Hiyama – Free Track 01
Karl O’Connor + Peter Sutton – Guiltless
michaelangelo – The Thaumaturgist (Exium remix)
Raoul Delgardo – The Feeling
Christian Wunsch – The Conspiracy Remains
Brian Sanhaji – Stereotype (Thomas Krome remix)
Larry McCormick – Escape
Systemic – Simulation of Life (2nd Generation mix)
Espion – Scalex
Tony Thomas – Space+Time (Ade Fenton remix)
High Def – Dubplate One
Thomas Krome – Wood Carver (Thomas Krome remix)

Mika Vainio – Novobrisk [Invisible]

Featured Guest

Coefficient is a mysterious London producer and DJ. He has had releases on Labrynth of Portugal and the Italian M_Rec Ltd. What little details there are surrounding Coefficient amount to: that he began the project in 2006 and with michaelangelo of Labrynth produces as Telesthesia (exclusively vinyl only released offbeat techno); and that he describes his music as being dark, hypnotic, industrial and experimental techno.

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