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Mantis Radio 155 – Radial

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Mantis Radio presents a session from Jeroen Liebregts’ Radial. Prior to that, new music from from Alex Smoke, Galaxian, Mr Jones, Jonas Kopp, Phat Chex, Shift, District and more.

Mark E – Myth of Tomorrow 2 [Spectral Sound]
Mobot Aror – Magtai [unreleased]
Northumbria – Cold Wind Rising [Polar Seas Recordings]
Shift – The Raptors Talons Tore Their Flesh II [Coldspring Records]
Burial Hex – Fantasie [Coldspring Records]
Phat Chex – Septic Dumpling [unreleased]
Coffee Pot – El Gothic [Coffee Pot]
Chris Liven – Disconnection [Armatura]
Mr Jones – Under The Radar [DSNT]
Acre – Burning Memories [Cold Recordings]
Dat Oven – Icy Lake (L-Vis Fire Alarm Mix) [Fade To Mind]
Alex Smoke – LSD [R & S Records]
Wild Beasts – Simple Beautiful Truth (East India Youth remix) [Domino]
Yari Greco – Fabirk 2.2 [Driving Forces Recordings]
Jonas Kopp – Westphalia [Warm Up Recordings]
Device Control – You and Others (Galaxian remix) [Device Control Recording]
District – Aftermath [Chestplate]
Psi Performer – 1968 (Two Lone Swordsmen’s Fragments Re-Assembled Mix) [K2 O Records]
Content – Fear. Heart. [Sub Pressure]

Museum – A2 RDL003
Tobias – He Said
Trevino – Spin Away
Cosmin TRG – Belvedere
Nikola Gala – Only (Ryan Elliot remix)
Jamie Anderson & Deepgroove – The Clock (Ben Klock’s timepiece)
400ppm – Piquette Plant
Ilario Alicante – Wax Weapon (Rodhad remix)
Jon Hopkins – Collider (Pangaea remix)
Northern Structures – Eastern Bridge
JC – Chenox
Clark – Superscope
Operator – Usurper
Sinecure – Medicine
Mark Broom, James Ruskin – Black Lines
Felix K – Stone Edge (Par Grindvik remix)
Sinecure – Devil’s Tongue

Featured Guest

From his work with Bas Mooy on Audio Assault to his new label Radial Records – Jeroen Liebregts is a fantastic example of the very best techno coming out of Europe. And has been for over 15 years.

To have him guest on the show is an honour and privilege. Tracks like Dynamo and Moeilijk were a gateway into techno for me from the world of drum n bass and breaks.

Radial started life as a duo between Liebregts and Laurens van der Starre, with Liebregts taking the project solo in 2009. Back in 2002 together with Bas Mooy, the label Audio Assault was born, with the tougher ARMS sublabel launching a year later.

Always driven to dive deeper Jeroen started a 4-year studies of Sonology at the Conservatory in The Hague, which he finished in 2006. This study deals with electronic music composition, computer programming, analog synthesis and electronic instrument design among other things. This is probably what kickstarted his interest to use self designed instruments in his music. The constant quest for new technological approaches is an imported factor that helped shape his sound. His current tendency toward analog hardware based methods also resulted in his involvement in the design and development of the Synton Fenix modular synthesizer.

The sound of Liebgrets has found a home on many of the techno scene’s best labels and imprints – Token, Perc Trax, Mote-Evolver, Numb, Drumcode, Planet Rhythm and Bas Mooy’s Mord.

Earlier this year he launched Radial Records with his 2nd LP Crux. Coming on May 26th is the label’s next offering – Sinecure’s Devil’s Tongue – two tracks of which are included in his session. Later this year Liebgrets and Anton Pieete’s collaborative project Museum will be releasing new original material, their first in some 6 years.

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