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Fleck E.S.C. showcases his electro sound in this week’s guest mix. Supported by music from Ghostly, Jezgro, Acre Recordings, NIN, Plastikman, tuuun, DJ Bone, Plike, Overmono, Phat Chex, Boymerang and Naibu.

Michna – Levitation [Ghostly International]
Diagnostic – Terabyte (KK Null remix) [Jezgro]
Circular Ruins – Sudden [Portals Editions]
Trzåsk – Swieto Zwid [Acre Recordings]
Deena Abdelwahed – Saratan [Infiné]
Nine Inch Nails – Reptilian [Nothing]
Plastikman – I Don’t Know [Novamute]
tuuun – 0005AA [FLUF]
DJ Bone – The Chase [Subject Detroit]
Phat Chex – The Forgotten [unreleased]
Overmono – iii’s Front [Whities]
dB+ – That Thing (Koma & Bones remix) [Distinct’ive Breaks]
Boards of Canada – Over The Horizon Radar [Warp Records]

Opening 16 [unreleased]
Under the influence [Shameless Toady]
Transition 1
Dirty Talk [Diffuse Reality]
Legion Of Propaganda Part.1 [unreleased]
Juno Rocco [unreleased]
Maniacs [Mechatronica]
Transition 2
Flangerize Live [unreleased]
Union [unreleased]
Mimic Live [unreleased]
The Outside World [unreleased]
Endigus Live [unreleased]

Plike – Try Not To Wake It Up [Plike]
Hokusai – Red Lights [Source Direct Recordings]
Boymerang – Still (Dom & Optical VIP) [Prototype Recordings]
Naibu – Traces [Horizons Music]

Featured Guest

In the session selection hotseat this week we’ve French born, Tokyo based Franck Collin and his Fleck E.S.C. project. Collin crafts high grade, rich sounding electro music. A selection of which including some unreleased cuts, make up his session for us today.

Releasing music for nearly a decade, his influences in part come from his earlier experiences playing bass and drums in bands to his deep love of horror, sci-fi and b-movies. As a musician he has also created music for Tokyo’s Lipton Cafe Shibuya, several Berlin based theatre productions, and for the soundtrack to Astroboy In Robotland by Marc Caro, director of cult classics Delicatessen and The City of Lost Children.

His music has seen release by many contemporary label champions of electro, including Battery Park Studios, CPU Records, Diffuse Reality, Bass Agenda, Electrix, Lasergum, Mechatronica, Shameless Toady, and more.

Gig wise you can catch Collin performing live in Berlin in a few weeks.

On March 22nd he’s playing at Griessmuehle as part of Mechatronica’s 7th Anniversary party. On March 23rd at Eschschloraque, and on March 25th is performing a live ambient set for Cashmere Radio, also in Berlin.

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