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Mantis Radio presents a session on Mantis Radio from Haunter Records’ SSSS. We’ve tracks from Death Grips, worriedaboutsatan, Truss, Dronelock / Ontal, Phat Chex, Mu-Ziq, Tessela and loads more.

Mu-Ziq – Forger [Planet Mu]
Death Grips – Why A Bitch Gotta Lie [Thirdworld]
Dust – Black Hole Angels [World Shadow]
Paka – Corridor Berlin-Moscou [Metaphysik]
Forrest Fang – Sunsail [Projekt]
James Place – Another Mourning In America [Umor Rex]
worriedaboutsatan – Church Of Red [This Is It Forever]
Phat Chex – Far Beyond Our Future [unreleased]
Slewis – Despot [Off Out]
Headless Horseman – Battle Hill [Headless Horseman]
Le Dom – Oazis [Tessier-Ashpool Recordings]
+ Le Dom – Fresh Out D Oven [Tessier-Ashpool Recordings]
This Cat Otis – Burn It (dirty long) [Cat Trax]
KiKi Hitomi – Gypsy Woman (cover) [dub]
Dronelock / Ontal – Deductive Reasoning [Shadow Story]
Tessela – Bottom Out [R&S Records]
Truss – Kymin Lea [Perc Trax]
Matt TdK – Industry [Darkfloor Sound]

Phurba – ???????????? [The Visualization]
S S S S – Identitaet I
Honzo – Uncanny Valley
Haus Arafna – Satanas and Friends
Veil Of Light – Pale Eyes (Pale Eyes 4000 Mix by S S S S)
Father Murphy – All The People Yelling Fire
Raime – The Dimming of Road And Rights
Phill Niblock – Hurdy Hurry
Blood Vault – Blood
Headless Horseman – Battle Hill
Rapoon – Broken Eagle, Broken Sunset
S S S S – Identitaet III
Coil – Amber Rain

Featured Guest

Samuel Savenburg (SSSS) is a Swiss producer we first noticed after hearing his 2014, Haunter Records released EP – Administration of Fear. Such was the impression, we quickly hit him up for a guest session and the results are stunning.

Recorded exclusively for the show, his session premières two new SSSS tracks taken from his latest EP Autopoesis.

As a monicker, SSSS is an exercise in difference and repetition, reducing Savenberg’s name to a string of basic elements -all equal and different.

Repetition as a mean of conceptual transport and physical transformation is integral to all forms of expression that aim for a wider understanding of reality within the realm perception, as it is to the reproductive process of knowledge itself.

Mantis Radio is back, next week March 31st with a session from Lag as we celebrate our 5th Darkfloor Sound EP, out April 3rd.

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