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Mantis Radio 220 – Figure-Ground

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Mantis Radio begins its 2017 run with a guest session from UK/Serbian duo Figure-Ground. Hear new music from clipping., Somatic Responses, Snowbeasts, Savier, Scalameriya, run The Jewels, I Hate Models, Gantz and Mannequin Records.

Darkfloor Sound · Mantis Radio 220 – Figure-Ground

Dreamcrusher – Sick World [Adult Swim]
clipping. – Body For The Pile [Adult Swim]
Clocolan – Namaqua [Enpeg]
Clocolan – My Friend Was Joe [Enpeg]
Ballerini – Drone 848m [Oak Editions]
Somatic Responses – Soul Resonance [Photon Emissions]
weldroid – Machine Room [Touched]
Sadaf – The Clinic [Adult Swim]
Microphyst – Inhaling Piss Fumes From a Kettle [Hell Has Wi-Fi]
GRVD – Endless Eternal [Altar of Waste Records]
Jasss – Es Complicado [Mannequin Records]
Pagalve – Acidized (Loktibrada remix) [Shaded Music]
Snowbeasts – Set the Night on Fire (rmx) [m-tronic]
Gantz – Love&Acid [Hotline Recordings]
Savier – Mrs Warboys [unreleased]
I Hate Models – Morder [Voitax]
Scalameriya – Geargrind [Perc Trax]
Run The Jewels – Hey Kids (Bumaye) (feat. Danny Brown) [Mass Appeal]


Featured Guest

With a collective 20 plus years of studio skill, Dronelock‘s Alexander Church and Ontal‘s Boris Brenecki have since late 2015 unleashed upon us a steady stream of EPs (five to date) and one longplayer (Reality Revision) as Figure-Ground.

Channelling influence from hardcore, drum n bass and 90s breakbeat the resultant techno recreates the feeling and emotions of the rave heyday with the higher quality production techniques of today. There’s a deep and introspective beauty to a lot of their work, as well as several bassbins full of heavyweight club slammers. Even with the rise of breakbeat led techno of the past few years, the pair’s tracks stand out due to intricate beat programming. All of Figure-Ground’s material is completely improvised on a Buchla music easel, Eurorack drums, a Cirklon sequencer and Roland sampler.

Figure-Ground have a new EP lined up for release next month (a collaboration with Paul Mac) and a new album scheduled to drop in March – Out Of The Shadows. All proceeds from which will be going to MYMUP – a Bradford based mental health charity.

Purchase direct from Shadow Story.

An album made as part of a music, light and drama event in conjunction with World Mental Health Day 2016 ‘Out Of The Shadows’ aimed to promote the importance of emotional openness and speaking honestly about our feelings.

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