Solar Chrome – Lord of the Bits on Maschinen Musik

The new release has arrived from Solar Chrome, released on the reliable German electro/electrobreaks and self confessed technobreaks label: Maschinen Musik. She dropped December 3rd exclusively at Junodownload with the general release to follow, December 17th.

Lord of the Bits kicks things off in fine style. Defined stabs of kick drum power through. Everything is in place for a stripped down electrobreaks roller, complete with Solar Chrome trademark long lush synth as she begins to wind down for the breakdown. Which isn’t so much a breakdown as more of a finish. And with a melody made to sound like a geeks bedtime lullaby this is an electro track made for the machines.

Data Science continues in much the same way. The basic loop of the track has been honed down and when the big long synths flow in this is dark and evocative stuff. Distorted vocals can be hear coming as they might from another dimension. Come the drop and the beats shift up, getting tougher rolling with synth hits. The inbuilt squelch provides ample backup. Both this and the title track Lord of the Bits are squarely aimed for the dancefloor.

Final of the 3 tracks on this EP Malevil starts from static flowing into a haunting melody with a gradual build as bass stabs puncture in. When she finally goes, this track is a wonderful deep and flowing display of sci fi sound that is over far to quickly. Undecided whether she is dancefloor or headphone it is nevertheless a lovely 4 minutes odd to close.

Another good release from Maschinen Musik and Solar Chrome, I just feel that Malevil could have been made even more of a journey track, it has epic beginnings but is cut down in it’s prime.


Solar Chrome – Lord of the Bits
Solar Chrome – Data Science
Solar Chrome – Malevil

label: Maschinen Musik | cat: MM 21


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