Acroplane’s ‘Zero’ by T-Polar

T-Polar aka Gary Spence is one prolific motherfunker, diverse blighter too as this, his second release for Acroplane proves.

Acroplane Recordings are an essential label in netaudio with a hefty amount, if not all, of the releases hitting the Darkfloor thang for us. This is their 6th paid for release and continues the impressive discography being carved out by artists Dead Sound, Electromeca, wAgAwAgA, Baconhead and Porcelain Minotaurs. What follows are some words I wrote on a track by track basis.

Zero. Deep, lush, rolling. Coming under the future garage vibe which seems to be exploding all over the joint at the moment. Smooth shit kicking off the album.

2015. Resonated chord work with ethereal male vocals and chattering echoed keys, who when she drops launches into a deep warm bassy feel. Very very understated this track. One of those tracks which holds back it euphoria, but nods heavily towards it. Never dropping, just rolling.

Home. A swaying oceanic like wave of synth flows in from the offset. Fractured percussive elements build up before the beats lock on. Dubbed to perfection this one. Nice and deep with some superb production elements.

Fontaine. Containing a mish mash of elements this one. What with the fractured beats, noodlings of synth, old skool electronica sounding supporting elements, big and deep in the mix bass, and a swagger all of it’s own. A producer of less ability would struggle with pulling this off, not so with T-Polar. Pushing things forward as a roller this one.

Hot Butter Interlude. Heavy sub greets you straight away which builds into a mutant bass beast overlayed with sharp industrial sounding percussive beats. The euphoria vibe is back which with this track harks back to those rolling jungle tracks of yesteryear. Bloody fantastic, future junglestep perhaps? Either way, whatever you call it, this is bloody marvelous. Top of the pile this one.

Theme from Galaxy Soul. Like Fontaine before it, this is another mash of different musical elements which shouldn’t work together but they’re pulled together by someone who really knows what he’s doing. The funky guitar plucks deep in the mix on this, inspired stuff.

Newtown Boppers. Finishing off the album is this housey broken beat roller. The housiest of the tracks presented by T-Polar and Acroplane, and those who know me, know I’m far from a house fan. Yet, T-Polar pulls it off and I’m loving this grooveheavy steppa, which closes the release in style most befitting.

In case you didn’t read between the lines on the track breakdowns, this is ESSENTIAL which should be picked up by all and sundry. Bridging the often difficult gap between dancefloor and sofa, this is straight into the front of my record box.

T-Polar – Zero

T-Polar – Zero
T-Polar – 2015
T-Polar – Home
T-Polar – Fontaine
T-Polar – Hot Butter Interlude
T-Polar – Theme from Galaxy Soul
T-Polar – Newtown Boppers

label: Acroplane Recordings | cat: ACPR006


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