Katran (Jezgro, Ontal) on Mantis Radio, episode 350
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Mantis Radio 350 – Katran

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Katran – Jezgro label founder and half of heavyweight duo Ontal – brings his industrial sound to our 350th episode of Mantis Radio.

With music from Ryuichi Sakamoto, Doom Data, Ital Tek, Slikback, Plaster, Paleman, Lakej, Liza Aikin & Monolog, Peder Mannerfelt, SHXCXCHCXSH, Hotflush, Tresor, Natural Sciences, Fireground, Samurai Music, Bad Company, and Total Science.

Ryuichi Sakamoto – 20220404 [Milan Records]
DOOM DATA – Number Nine [self released]
Ital Tek – Phantom Pain [Planet Mu]
Glassbone – Spirals [Delivrance Records]
Slikback – INHALE [Slikback]
Frontierer – Heirloom [self released]
Plaster – Nec Spe, Nec Metu featuring Valeria Svizzeri [Textvra]
Paleman – Whispers [Sublunar]
Lakej – A Fading Shadow [Recorded Things]
Liza Aikin & Monolog – Remnant [EVAR Records]
Peder Mannerfelt – Town Crier (Kai Campos remix) [Peder Mannerfelt Produktion]
SHXCXCHCXSH – Kong [Avian]
Boris Barksdale – Soft Ride [Natural Sciences]
Anna Kost – 21F [Hotflush Recordings]
Hurdslenk – Zones [Out of Place]
Fireground – Noise Of Light [Ilian Tape]
Zeal & Ardor – Feed the Machine [Mvka]
Eamon Ivri – Wasteland Trust [unreleased]

Dot Product – Error Message [Jezgro]
Derlich – Shiver [Zhark]
Anthony Linell – Blood In Their Eyes [Northern Electronics]
Katran – Untitled [unreleased]
Buttechno – Inorganic Demon V [PSY X Records]
Scalameriya – Lake Of Wires [Perc Trax]
Bambi OFS – NIXH [Antibody Label]
The Allegorist – Blind Emperor (KMRU Rework) [Awaken Chronicles]
Elektroplasma – Trigger Man (Iszoloscope remix) [Yb70]
CTRLS – Subroutines [Micron Audio]
Geistform – Masa Critica [Liber Null Berlin]
Interviews – Petman [Brokntoys]
Juzer – Layer Of Moleman (Unit Moebius remix) [Rubber]
Exhausted Modern – Noosphere (Overlook remix) [Brokntoys]
Gareth Wild – Night Breed (SWARMM remix) [EarToGround Records]
6SISS – Common Strategy (Katran remix) [Metempsychosis Records]
Merzbow – Torus 1 [Jezgro]
Biosphere – In The Ballroom [AD 93]
Torn & Roho – Proelli [Samurai Music]
Kareem – Pure Pleasure [Zhark]
Zov Zov – Godess Of The Hunt [Jezgro]

Torn – Borderline [Samurai Music]
Som.1 – Ultimatum [R & S Records]
Bad Company UK – Spider (Optiv & BTK remix) [Bad Taste Recordings]
Total Science – Squash (Break remix) [Computer Integrated Audio (C.I.A.)]

Featured Guest

In session today the dark industrial sound of Serbia’s Katran.

Katran is the solo project of Darko Kolar, label boss of Jezgro, and one half of the mighty Ontal.

If you know your Darkfloor lore you are well versed with Ontal i’m sure. Ten years ago last month, April, Darkfloor Sound released their debut EP – Output. Together, Darko and Boris Noiz would over the next decade release some incredible (and heavy) music for the likes of Ad Noiseam, Overdraw, Mord, Ontal Series, and Samurai’s Horo. However, the focus here today is Darko and his project Katran.

In 2018 Darko founded Jezgro, a record label that has released some very intense industrial sonics. From the likes of Japanese noise gods KK Null and Merzbow, Submechanical, and Huren’s MRTVI, to Franck Vigroux, Diagnostic, and Oliver Ho‘s Zov Zov.

Last year, 2022, saw the release of his three years in the making debut album Above The Concrete on Hands Productions. A heavyweight grind of an album, it continues the sound and spirit of Ontal, moving into harder and more rhythmic noise infected territory.

His exclusive session for Mantis Radio today reasserts his control of pitch black, noisy, rhythmic industrial techno machinations. And I’m so very happy to feature this sound and selection on the show.

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