Blackmass Plastics – Lickshot / Blue Velvet on Furioso

A hefty two tracker here from German label Furioso and London bassweightstepmunsta Blackmass Plastics.

I have had a huge hard-on for all things Blackmass Plastics since hearing his work some years back. Criminally one might say, there isn’t enough of his music released and out there in the ether. Furioso step up, following up on the Blackmass remix of Algebra they released last year with 2 original tracks from the producer.

Few people make tunes quite like Blackmass Plastics. Check out his recent session for our Mantis Radio, where he unleashes 31 of his dubs.

First of the 2 tracks is Lickshot. Big unashamed 2step beats with focused and thud approved bass. Come the drop and this is growler. Serious technoid skank. Come the 2nd drop and she’s up to 11 on the Spinal Tap approved amps.

Following close behind as 2 often does behind 1, comes the 2nd track of this little EP. Blue Velvet kicks off with a siren and grime like percussion. Sharper than Lickshot but no less heavy. Grimestep here we come. Choice samples, tight edits, and bass drops through the floor. Perfect.

Instant purchase material.

Blackmass Plastics – Lickshot / Blue Velvet

Blackmass Plastics – Lickshot
Blackmass Plastics – Blue Velvet


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