Rock formation, brown hues, with cracks across, on the left side, taking up 2/3 of the image, on a white background, with orange title text, small in the bottom right

Interdimensional Drifters release Part 1 of their Brutal Civilisation series

Out today is the first single from our latest signing Interdimensional Drifters. Two tracks that will eventually form part of a larger, album length collection.

Brutal Civilisation

A three part collection of primal rhythmic conceits. From ceremonial dirges to frantic rites, Brutal Civilisation draws together ideas of humanity’s position within the vastness of time, questioning the nature of so-called civilisation at this point in our history.

Employing a surging spatial strategy, Flight to Cappadocia refers to Turkey and specifically the central Cappadocia region, known for its vast underground cities. Many of which are still being unearthed. The second of the two tracks offered, Rite evokes a hypnotic and tense atmosphere where primordial forces act with impunity.

Brutal Civilisation Part 1
Flight to Cappadocia

Written & Produced by Tim Smyth, Robert McLachlan
Mastered by Black Monolith Studios
Publishing by Copyright Control
Design & Art Direction by makemassair
Photography by Tim Smyth, Brid Ni Luasaigh

Interdimensional Drifters (2023)

Interdimensional Drifters

The Interdimensional Drifters are Ireland’s thatboytim (Takeover Recordings) and London’s Rob Mac (Sonika). Both have a long history in punk, post-rock, and noise rock, as well as the techno and electronica scenes.

In 2020 the duo wrote and released Interdimensional Drift – an album that dealt in an amalgam of post-rock, shoegaze, and trip-hop. For Brutal Civilisation, the pair delve further into the liminal zone around techno, punk, and psyched-out scapes.



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