Plant43 – Dreams of the Sentient City on Semantica

The latest from London based producer Plant43; Dreams of The Sentient City is a 4 track EP of crisp computer funk released on Semantica.

Plant43 (Emile Facey) is a name I’m sure you are familiar with; I first came to hear him on a split EP with Datassette on Ai records back in 2006, and more recently on The Sedna Sessions, where he provided a stunning 80 minute set for Up Digital’s mammoth New Years Eve show.

He has an almost trademark like sound; deep warm pads, arpeggios and punchy electro rhythms. His new EP on Semantica continues and builds upon this style and theming.

First up is Neon, a track that has hints of dubstep/electro and a overall feeling of menace, all is soon smoothed over with a few simple chords lending some lightness to the opener. Stellar Nursery again sees light on the horizon and heads back to more familiar Plant43 territory, arpeggios and 4/4 beats making a simple statement.

Metamaterial Cloaking returns to a much darker place and increases the pressure leading to set closer Fluid Reasoning; a heavy straight up techno beast that takes the Plant43 sound to new, darker places.


A1. Neon
A2. Stellar Nursery
B1. Metamaterial Cloaking
B2. Fluid Reasoning


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