Around here at the Darkfloor hive we appreciate some of the bleaker and nightmarish sounds people conjure up in their studios. As calling ourselves Darkfloor might just imply. One of the many genres we like, when done well, that ticks those boxes is that of witch house. Sometimes known as drag and a myriad of other names. The connecting core of the style is that it’s occult-themed.

Often intentionally difficult to find due to the scene’s love of irregular characters and symbols, the music, once discovered can be a tweaked out pitch black trip into the interesting and unconventional.

The bubble, started at the unofficial point zero by Salem, might have burst with the fickle blogosphere and Pitchfork hype merchant hipster glitterati, but that doesn’t stop the fact that many people are continuing to create interesting things under its wide umbrella (AAIMON, Aural Sects, WIKAN, SKELETONKIDS, FUNERALS). And that’s where Portuguese artist/s ATILLLA come in.

Information about who is behind the sounds amounts to just about everything I told you in the previous paragraph. They have, besides their Bandcamp page, almost no internet presence that I can find at this point. And in today’s information age, if you can’t be found online you’re effectively, invisible. It’s a rare thing too, to be so far off the grid. But it is one of the traits of the scene, to be hard to find. Like a secret.

Maybe ATILLLA do have a web presence under a different name. Does it matter to them? Probably not, otherwise their 3 EPs worth of material would have at least another link or snippet of information for the curious to explore.

Meanwhile they have given us 2 EPs worth of material I, III, and a longer album length work: II. Their latest III, was released last month, and is their strongest offering.

Deranged drone screams nestle up with lullaby like melody. Grey-scale layered fog and doom persist throughout with an undercurrent of some narrated story staring into the abyss.

And it staring right back at you.

Like the whatever-the-hell it was in the forest by the log cabin that Ash and his hapless friends endure in Sam Raimi’s classic Evil Dead films.

That reminds me, I need to dig out Goblin’s stunning soundtrack to Susperia this weekend.


ATILLLA – Funebre – I
ATILLLA – Funebre – II
ATILLLA – Funebre – III

NB – I have amended the artist name from attila to ATILLA as, well, the triangle used doesn’t render in our site’s font.


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