An interview with Dopplereffekt’s Kim Karli

The excellent Drexciya Research project just published an interview with Kim Karli, who was part of Dopplereffekt from ’94 to ’97.

Her most obvious contribution during that period of the Gerald Donald project is her voice. Gerald Donald aka Heinrich Mueller aka Arpanet aka Japanese Telecom, member of Zwischenwelt, Der Zyklus and Elecktroids and with the long departed and much missed James Stinson: the mythical Drexciya.

I sent her some questions about her time in Dopplereffekt. I knew she wouldn’t or couldn’t answer them all without destroying the mystery surrounding the early years of the group but I told her to answer what she felt comfortable with and luckily for us she did.

The interview just adds more mystery and mystique to Dopplereffekt and the work of Gerald Donald.

“Kim Karli joined DE in the early mid 90’s. It was an interesting union. Suburb & City. Getting to the Reactor Electronics Laboratory was not as easy as one would think. I had to ride a gravity wave created by Element 115 and it’s time distortion field would sometimes throw me off for SEVEN DAYS or so. CRAZY”


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