Slave To Society (Andrew Bowen) profile with blacked out eyes.
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Mantis Radio 355 – Slave To Society

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British artist Slave To Society shares a mix of artists and influences on his broken industrial hardcore sound of gnarly twisted rhythm pressure.

Slammed either side — music from Anz, Porter Ricks, Kilner (Blawan), Ciel, Lakker, Wema, Plaster, Slikback, Downwards, Al Wootton, Modern Love, and Circa96.

An uninterrupted, music only version of this episode is available.

Anz – Clearly Rushing [Hessle Audio]
Porter Ricks – Scuba Rondo [Tresor]
Kilner – Tamtara [Avian]
Karkossyn – Blame Yourself [UVB-76 Music]
Lakker – Milch (Lahun remix) [R & S Records]
Ciel – El Califa [!K7 Records]
Wema – Kiherehere Slow [!K7 Records]
Plaster – Tempora Tempore Tempera [Textvra]
Slikback – MANTIS [self released]
SNKLS – Ended The Discussion [outlines]
Priori & Al Wootton – Seclusion [TRULE]
Circa96 – Fantasy [Disrupt Records]
Smyla – Warriors In The Dance [self released]

Silver Waves – Gargoyle [Alcopop! Records]
Anodyne – We Are All We Have (Autechre remix) [Acroplane Recordings]
Saint Abdullah & Eomac – Put By Nothing [Planet Mu]
Sensational Meets Koyxen – 325 [Skam]
Ziur – Moonshine [self released]
Mutant Joe – Death Wish (ft. Apoc Krysis) [Natural Sciences]
Blackhill Transmitter – Five Twenty Seven []
Carrier – Fathom 1 [FELT]
Blush Response – Predatory Algorithms [Kontaktor Records]
Milad Ahmadi – Faryaad [Zabte Sote]
Assyouti – Ordidu [Shepard Tone Recordings]
Raw Village Hall – Not Even Close [Acre Recordings]
Steinvord – Ontrackv2 [Rephlex]
Inhumanoid – Badmanoid [Machine Division]
Eprom – Remorse [Square Records]
Clark – Urgent Jell Hack [Warp Records]
Somatic Responses – Subspace Transitions [Welsh Modular Alliance]
Sote – Holy Error (Kave Rework) [Zabte Sote]

Miles – Loran Dreams [Modern Love]
Ora Iso – Deep Fix [Downwards]
Octavcat – Polaris (Neutek remix) [VLSI Records]

Slave To Society profile shot, greyscale.

Featured Guest

Our guest today is Slave To Society. Andrew Bowen returns to Mantis Radio, having first guested back in 2017 as one half of Manchester’s hard techno outfit AnD.

In late 2019 Bowen decided to march solo, returning to his hardware production roots with Slave To Society.

Stepping away from the straight pound he made with Dimi in AnD, embracing the chaos of broken rhythm and breakbeats whilst exploring the extremities of the hardcore sound. It’s not about tempo, but about the melding of industrial and experimental noise with the electronic structures of techno and jungle.

His mix for us today gets into some of the artists and influences on his sound with a gnarly, twisted, selection of rhythm and dank pressure.

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