numeral playing electronic instruments in shadow with green overlay added with a black back on the bottom of the image containing the Mantis Radio logo, show number, and guest name.
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Mantis Radio 354 – numeral

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numeral steps up to the session w/ an all production live set of his shimmering cinematic sound. Either side of that new and old from Interdimensional Drifters, Savier, Lain, Nullptr, DJ Bone, Reeko, Rekids, Vardae, Skam, The Last Sound, David Bowie, and Killing Joke. RIP Geordie.

Interdimensional Drifters – Rite [Darkfloor Sound]
Killing Joke – Love Like Blood (Your Heart Is a Weapon Dub) [Cadiz]
Savier – Spaghetti Hoop [Bloody Funny Clown]
Lain – mknomi [Evel]
NULLPTR – Seil [Central Processing Unit]
Dasein – Pays Sans Visage (Cyberlife Resample) [Tripalium Records]
Reeko – Energía Magenta [Delsin Records]
DJ Bone – Poppa D’s Basement [Subject Detroit]
Marco Faraone – Any Good Vibe? [REKIDS]
DJ Rap – Bad Girl (BT’s Spoken Progenitor Mix) [Higher Ground]
RQ – Third Ground [Dawn]
Vardae – Rites [OODA]
Sepehr – Solitary Tool [Shaytoon Records]
Jean Redondo – Hypersonic [Tresor]

Carbo [Blizzard Audio Club]
Marauder [Blizzard Audio Club]
Brecon – Prodromal (numeral remix) [With Bells Records]

SDEM – SKEF [Skam]
David Bowie – The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Trent Reznor Alternative Mix) [Sony Records Int’l]
The Last Sound – Brighter [osaka]
Guru Josh Project – Infinity 2008 (Supernatural Retexture) [self released]

Featured Guest

My guest today is numeral. A musician with a background as a drummer for various Swiss indie bands including The Lugubrious and Faux Tales. But these days he’s more concerned with electronics. Going so far as to develop his own production techniques and sound aesthetic, resulting in the music you’ll hear on his session today.

His debut as numeral dropped in 2020 on Irascible Music. Leading to his remixing Brecon, where I first heard his sound, for the Sheffield based label With Bells Records. Earlier this year he released the single Hideous, following up on last year’s EP Primal.

In session for episode 354, I’ve great pleasure in sharing the sound of numeral.

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