TZR – Sub Pressure Volume 2

Ahead of the new compilation release for US dubstep label Sub Pressure comes this 30 minute promo mix. Label signed TZR contributes his track Spectre┬áto the 10 piece collection. We’ve been liking what we’ve been hearing from the California based Sub Pressure camp over the past year. Dishing out deep bass, rolling percussion and a sense of brooding darkness.

The tracks of note on this comp, in our opinion here at Darkfloor are from Blackleg (No Senses), TZR (Spectre), Haack and the sublime Condemned, Tapir’s Gangsters and Strippers (which was featured on the 8th Darkfloor in Session mix), and UFO & Kial’s Murkdropolis.

The compilation comes out August 29th, you can grab it here.

TZR – Sub Pressure Volume 2

Chango – Shallow Dive
TZR & Press – Dead Language
TZR – Spectre
Haack – Condemned
TZR – Forsaken
UFO & Kial – Murkdropolis
Tapir – Gangsters & Strippers
Frost Raven – Duel
Kelly Dean & Phrenik feat. Mimi Page – The Burning
Genr8 – Vimana
Promise One – Trabzon
TZR – Siren’s Song


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