Olaf Quintessa – live at The Drome – a Birmingham techno special

Olaf Quintessa is a regular DJ in the online virtual world of Second Life (indeed it was he who helped to get the Mantis show syndicated there). This is great mix, not only filled with some superb cuts and tracks but mixed and constructed like a pro. Rest assured this will be getting repeat listens at the Darkfloor studios.

Don’t sleep on this.

Olaf writes of his set: Back to my roots. Mostly old school Birmingham techno from the likes of Surgeon, Regis, Female, but also a few other bits that match the vibe. Hats off to the House of God in Birmingham where it all began! Thanks to everyone who came along to The Drome in Second Life or listened in to the live audio stream..

The House of God was the first place I ever went clubbing, first place I ever heard techno over a big soundsystem. I can safely say I’ve never been the same since! I’ve always loved the visceral machine music that came out of Birmingham from producers like Surgeon, Regis and Female. It’s a David Cronenburg / HR Giger style of industrial rhythm where the machines have organic organs that spill out. Evocative, gut-wrenching and euphoric.


Recorded December 11, 2009

Surgeon – Diametric (Part 3)
Female – Pala
Regis – We Said No
Go Hiyama – Geometrical (Surgeon remix)
Surgeon – HE.1
Surgeon – Patience (Part 1)
Regis – Purification
Surgeon – East Light (Part 2)
Surgeon – LaReal (Part 1)
Female – Back Lash
Oscar Mulero – 46 (Regis Antaganists mix)
Surgeon – Badger Bite
Regis – Ital
Regis – White Stains
Surgeon – Prowler
Aphex Twin – D-Scape
Surgeon – Sleep (Ultra Violet)
Female – My Untied Hands
Female – Looking Thorough The Eyes Of Love
Surgeon – Bad Hands Part II
Surgeon – 9 Hours Into The Future
Regis – Model Friendship
Shed – The Lower Upside Down (Surgeon remix)
British Murder Boys – Anti Inferno
Scuba – Ruptured (Surgeon remix)
Polygon Window – Polygon Window
Surgeon – Waiting For Me (Part 3)
Ed Chamberlain – Synthia (Surgeon remix)
Coefficient – Polarity Defect
Regis – Concentrate
Surgeon – Circles
Surgeon – Coaster
Regis – HE.3
Portion Reform – Reduction
Surgeon – Magneze
Surgeon – At The Heart Of It All (Part 1-2)
Grovskopa – Sex And Violins (Surgeon remix)
Surgeon – Credence (Part 2)
Regis – Execution Ground
Karl O’Connor & Peter Sutton – Join Us In Paradise
Surgeon – Set Two
Persistence – Hardware Friction
British Murder Boys – All The Saints Have Been Hung
Regis – Wound Us
Coefficient – From The Shadows
Bas Mooy & Charlton – Ibogaine
British Murder Boys – Learn Your Lesson
Surgeon – Midnight Club Tracks
Female – Disturbance (Part 1)
Female – Skin Test
Female- Slave
Surgeon – Syllable
Female & Regis – C/Chaos
Surgeon – Shaper of the Unknown
Carlos Rios – No More Rock & Roll
Sound Terrorists – New Yorker
Takaaki Itoh – Bloom After Broken Life
Po – Janette
Coefficient – Jupiter And Beyond
Neil Landstrumm – Shake The Hog
DHS – House Of God (DJ Falk remix)


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