Phat Chex’s ‘Rougher Than A Stuntmans Knee’ mix

One producer who’s been on my radar screen with his production work is that of Phat Chex aka Ben Pooley.

The Plymouth based musician when not laying some serious electro production flexing can be found rolling with the NONOM (no-nonsense music) crew. This boy knows his electro and together with some dubtech and techno selections he’s laid down nearly 105 minutes for us to enjoy as this, his Rougher Than A Stuntmans Knee mix.

Definitely a man to watch as far as his productions go, indeed he’s included one of his own tracks Can’t Stop alongside the work of Instra:mental, Surgeon, E.R.P., Untold, Al Tourettes, Shed and John Tejada.

Phat Chex – Rougher Than A Stuntmans Knee

Unknown to the Unknown – Assassin
Intra:mental – Thomp
Dren Throwdown – Dumb Dub
Insta:mental – Voyeur
Blawan – Lavender
Boddika – Breezin
Unknown to the unknown – Unknown to the unknown
Shed – Another Wedged Chicken
Surgeon – Floorshow
Blawan – Kaz
A Made Up Sound – Demons
Boddika – You Tell Me
Deemphasis – Digital Sparks
The Other People Place – Lifestyles of the Casual
E.R.P – Alsoran
Phat Chex – Cant Stop
Untold – Mass Dreams of the Future
Fabrice Lig – Japanese Soul
John Tejada – Chorgs
Discreet Unit – Twilight
Mount Kimbie – At Least (Instra:mental mix)
The Village Orchestra – The King In Yellow
Al Tourettes – Body Logic
Arkist – Out of the Sun


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