Baeks – Frühlingstechno

Sure, it is late June. To many of us it feels like spring is behind us and we’re already in Summer. You’d be right. Technically that switch happened last week, Friday June 20th. It would have felt more spring proper had I written about this when it first made it’s way into my web browser – that was some 2 months ago.

So that’s that and this is this.

This is a new mix from Baeks – that former Ancient Methods man – that current Robot Army Berlin man.

Frühlingstechno – a 52 minute mix of tracklist absent techno, noise and all that musical structuring and posturing we love from the best the genre can present.

Baeks says it’s “a vinyl mix with quirky twists and some noise“.

So that’s that.

If there’s a particular bit you want ID’d leave a comment on the SoundCloud and I’m sure he’ll oblige you with a track name and an artist.


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