Slackk’s grime session for April.

Returning¬†for it’s monthly outing with another 40 odd minutes of the freshest cuts out there this is Slackk‘s snapsnot of grime for April.

Proof, as if it was needed, that grime producers continue to work their studio magic.

Slackk – April 2014.

Nammy Wams – Oms
Sheik – NYADH
Bushido Brown – Jersey Uh
Hi5Ghost – Shifting Sands
Fallow – Pepperpot
JT The Goon – Soca Step
Joe – Table For Two (Detroit Edit)
Famous Eno – Gypsy (140)
Nammy Wams – Please
Major Grave – Vivacity
Eso – Flower Girl
Rabit – Bloody Eye
William Skeng – Chromalok
JT The Goon – Banquet
Korma – Cold Night
Hi5Ghost – My Tram
Dullah Beatz – Moth
JT The Goon – War Cry
Murlo V Cherish – Unappreciated
JL Sanders – Yung Boog
R Kelly vs Vatsgoed
Morcee – Pinball
Smodi – Emerald Walk
Fallow – Part Boiled
Slackk – Aztec Lake


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