Surgeon – E-Tard Dance Party

Perhaps not the best title for a mix from one of our favourite electronics producers here at Darkfloor but don’t let that put you off, it’s a delicious selection by one of Birmingham’s brightest lights; the formidable Anthony Child aka Surgeon. From the man himself:

Here’s a mix to take you on an exotic journey to lands near and far.
If you’re expecting techno, then better look elsewhere!

Quite so, in fact artist wise you’re looking down the barrel of work from Alice Coltrane, Faust, Cut Hands, Raudive, Coil, La Monte Young and Lloyd Miller.

Surgeon – E-Tard Dance Party

Alice Coltrane – Lord Of Lords
Faust – Knochentanz
Lloyd Miller – Way Out East
Cut Hands – Impassion
Raudive – Over
Alice Coltrane – Galaxy In Satchidananda
Lloyd Miller – Electriconne
Coil – Egyptian Basses
La Monte Young – 2-23 VII 64 2:50:45-3:11 AM
John Coltrane – Dearly Beloved
Alice Coltrane – Prema


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