hectic’s ‘WARMTH’ sessions mix

A Detroit dipped electro flavoured techno effort here from Berlin’s hectic aka GEN.hectic.

Plenty of familiar names dwell within, including Ancient Methods, DJ Stingray, Shed, Kenny Larkin, Scan 7 and Redshape nestling up across the 59 minutes that await.

hectic – W.A.R.M.T.H. Sessions mix

AS1 – Mood Sequence 13 [Transient Force]
Spectre 313 – Saigon [Transient Force]
DJ Stingray – Null [Pomelo]
Scan 7 – Voices Beyond [Submerge]
Ancient Methods – Untitled [Ancient Methods]
Suburban Knight – Cargo Cult (Last Days) [Underground Resistance]
Hadamard – Touch The Floor [Mighty Robot Recordings]
Microthol – Schwarzschild Effect [Trust]
The Deacon – Multi-Dimensional Drama [Underground Resistance]
AS1 – Shock Absorber [Transient Force]
The Exaltics – The Truth [Transient Force]
Kenny Larkin – Bass Mode [Planet E]
Paka – Solitude [dub]
Redshape – Drama [Present]
Optic Nerve – Celestial (Original Deep Space mix) [Puzzlebox Records]
Auxon – Hon Ken [Shaddock]
The Deacon – Fuji [Underground Resistance]
Hadamard – The King [Mighty Robot Recordings]
Shed РEstrangé [Ostgut]


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