Girls Love Acid by Inge K

Feels ages since we posted a mix we’ve enjoyed that wasn’t one of our own. Here’s a recent one from Inge K.

Girls Love Acid is a near 2 hour mix of industrially dipped texture – crunchy noise stompers, dusty electro rhythms, and various bubbling lines of acid. Her mix features tracks from Years of Denial, Raum, Exile, Katran, Nude For Satan, The Exaltics, Reeko, JK Flesh, Black Replica, OAKE, MDD, Dadub, Makaton, and Discos Atonicos.

Inge K · Girls love Acid

Discos Atonicos – Lights Out
Years Of Denial – Life Is A Theater
Years Of Denial – L’Amour La Mort
Raum – I Was Dora Suarez
Discos Atonicos – Fix Fix Fix
Hair Down?
Leitmotiv Rainbow – Repeatitive Stories
Leitmotiv Rainbow – Imaginary Wings
Adan Carling & Nick De Voorst – African Souls
Exile – Desolating Moment
Years Of Denial – Grief
Alexander Robotnick – The Dark Side Of The Spoon
Smforma – Gillau Nei Gargas (Years Of Denial remix)
Akkamiau – Krabat
Makaton – Dreaming
Ciarra Black – Existence Grid
Triames – Serpent
Katran – The Walk
Sim80 – Delta City OCP
The Exaltics – 439
Reeko – Massive Garage Meetings
Chainsaw Man – De-escalation Measures
Discos Atonicos – Ascender
E171 – Contrefacon
Minimum Syndicat – Arizona Ambush
Corin – The New Flesh
Stapperton – Return Of The Waltham Blacks
Nude For Satan – The Unacceptable Face Of Fascism
Whettman Chelmets – Fascists Must Go Mix
JK Flesh – Rub Me Out
Black Replica – Nether Realm
Black Replica – Spiderweb Symmetry
JK Flesh The Bug Remix- In Your Pit
wac© – I Was Born In A Wild Forest
OAKE – Lillin
MDD – Intro
MDD – Submission Feat Aadja
Years Of Denial – Genocide Cheat
Empire Of Chaos – Remember My Voice
Kujo – Warwind
Dadub – It Was Too Soon
Dadub – I Will Gladly Die
Ian Martin – Neo Modernist
Map 71 – Monoprint
The Exaltics and Paris The Black Fu – The Troublemaker


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