Bushby’s new electro mix

The Digital Distortions main man, Horror Brawl member and general all-round DJ boss John Bushby can be relied upon for his frequent and dope mixes. None more so than his latest, on an all-out electro assault for his ever growing mix series – BRAWLcast.

Asymmetrical Strategies For Space Dominance is another in a long line of electro mixes from the DJ and label owner. In fact it was Bushby’s now older than a decade electro mixes (and his label’s similar electro/tech focused output) that drew me to him in the first place.

Packing in current and older material from the likes of Blackmass Plastics, Scanone, Snog, Boris Divider, RadioNasty, Mike Ash, Carl Finlow, ADJ, Scape One, Freddy Fresh, Alavux and C Mantle – it’s a keeper.

Whilst we’re mentioning early Digital Distortions output, Bushby is currently doing a series of free to download compilations curating some of the label’s early output. The latest Legacy Systems, the 4th, packs tracks from Molez, Ion Driver, Randomoidz, Mad-Tek & Dan Fix, Senor Frio and more, and serves as a worthy reminder of the sheer wealth of quality material the label has pushed out over the years.

Bushby – Asymmetrical Strategies For Space Dominance

BRAWLcast #145

Blackmass Plastics – Sentinel
Scanone – UFB [Combat Recordings]
C Mantle – Con-fusion (Blackmass Plastics remix) [Acre]
Snog – Real Estate Man (8-Bit Apocalypse remix) [Hymen]
Architect – The Shadow Of Eve [Hymen]
Boris Divider – Let You Down [Drivecom]
RadioNasty – Devil Fishing [Electrix]
Heuristic Audio – Fear Of The Future [Satamile]
Mike Ash – Dialog System [Mars Frequency]
Freddy Fresh – Years Back [Eye Q]
Carl Finlow – Hashtag (Fleck ESC remix) [Electix]
ADJ – Accelerating Time [Digital Distortions]
A1 People – No One Likes A Smart Arse [Satamile]
Alavux – The One [Digital Distortions]
Scanone – Orca [Combat Recordings]
Scape One – Love Invents Us [Scape One]


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