Joby – One For The Road / BRAWLcast

Been a little while since I posted a BRAWLcast up here, but I’m making amends with this, their 42nd from Joby who together with Gyu make up the mighty production duo Mad-Tek.

This mix is rammed full of fresh Joby beat work that’s different in tone and style to his work as Mad-Tek. It’s deeper, less rowdy, but no less worthy of some Darkfloor attention. This is one smooth journey. Half way through this mix we descend in FSOL style atmospherics and drive. Stunning stuff and a new favourite mix of mine.


Joby – Laid To Rest
Joby – One Myth A Day
Joby – No One’s Watchin’ You
Joby + Schmove – Stir
Seba – Painted Sky (Joby remix)
Joby – Glycemic
Joby – Tomato Thief
Gyu – Trinket (Joby remix)
Joby – When Wheels Fall Off
Joby – Where The Shadows Fall
Joby – Arcane (Edit)
Southpaw – Save and Rave
Joby – Promised
Joby – Nataly
Joby + Schmove ft. Peg Gayle – This Day
Joby – Fortune Seller
Joby ft. Hayley Jo Harrison – These Words
Joby – Front To Back
Joby ft. Hayley Jo Harrison – Hayley’s Groove
Joby – Cold Soul


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