Mike Shiflet – RRRighteous

The name Mike Shiflet might not be that familiar to you but he’s an artist signed to the avant-garde and experimental label type.

A label home to amongst others; Yellow Swans, Xela, Deaf Center, Grouper and Thomas Köner. Shiflet is a fairly recent addition to my own music collection; I found him late last year when I picked up his excellent, at times intense EP; Sufferers (Extended Mixes). A collection of drone and noise both delicate and powerful. Spatially aware and taunt.

His RRRighteous mix approaches things similarly, type say of the recording:

A blistering blend of fuzzy noise from Ron Lessard’s legendary RRR label (based out of New England’s Lowell), expertly pieced together by noise survivor Mike Shiflet. This is no mere patchwork of tracks, either – Mike has layered and sculpted this mix as if it was one of his own records, and the result is breathtaking.

Mike Shiflet – RRRighteous
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