Vibe55 – posthuman 665

Sort of randomly happened across this mix whilst searching for a recent release on Ohm Resistance. I took one look at that tracklist and knew I had to share Vibe55’s selection with you lot.

Based in Riga, Latvia, Vibe55 is part of the crew behind; a site dedicated to all things dubstep and Latvian.

Sound wise this is hard broken bass electronics and not for the timid. Staring things off with work from Nonima through Roel Funcken, KnobGoblin, Stormfield, Scorn, Cloaks, Dead Fader, NHK and beyond.

Vibe55 – posthuman 665

Nonima – Karmadebt [Section27] free dl
KnobGoblin – Serpentine [Circuitree Records]
Roel Funcken – Lajor Mazer [Ad Noiseam]
oyaarss – Rigas Ielas Bluzs [oyaarss]
Stormfield – Inner Silence Outer Violence [Jarring Effects] free dl
Scorn – Take Someone’s Eye Out [Ohm Resistance]
John Cohen – One III [Open Music] free dl
Savier – Whoring [myspace/saviershorrorshow]
FluiD – Black Jinn [myspace/fluidemusique]
Cloaks – Junk [3BY3]
Cloaks – Against [3BY3]
Dead Fader – Mud [3BY3]
Dead Fader – Red Question [3BY3]
Cloaks – R.F.I.D. [3BY3]
Dead Fader – 2 Ton Man [3BY3]
NHK – Paris 26th April 09 [Important]


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