Baeks dark ambient mix for Black Lion Radio

Berlin’s Baeks has shared a dark ambient mix he recorded for Black Lion Radio. It’s a wonderful trip into the shadow with many facets of the dark ambient genre.

this radio-mix is a glimpse into the fields of mystical / ritualistic / martial / industrial / dark ambient music
oscillating between relaxing and intense

Hekate – Traumzeit
Hexentanz – Mark of the witch
Cheerleader 69 – Crystal Sierra
Sophia – Dirt
Vae Victus – Revolt in Fabric
Tokyo Mask – Critical Mass
VDO – Triumph of the flesh
Tokyo Mask – Queen Of Crossroads
Combative Allignment – Scorpio rising
Argentum – II
Othila – Nouveaux Horizons
Gae Bolg – Aurassin Et Nicolette
Hybryds – untitled track no. 9 from Dreamscape of a Dark Side
Militia – Black Wolves Music
Cataclyst – The Gawds are still at Karnak II
The Atlas Project – Roots
Svasti-Ayanam – Vajna-Purusa
Lapis Niger – Al-Sahra
Oorchach – Kirvial Peteliskes
Brume – Drug Part 8
Pimentola – Heart’s Dementia Part 2
The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud – untitled track no. 19 from A New Soldier Follows The Path Of A New King


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