Jerome Hill, live at Suicide Circus, Berlin 2012

Whilst many DJs can lay claim to playing a ‘banging’ set, dropping their bass heavy trusted dancefloor bombs and hold the session together with some slapdash mixing; maybe a few of them will even use some EQ and the crossfader, few, in fact just one, can claim to be Jerome Hill.

A DJs DJ who is much loved by those who know him and have bore witness to his selection, programming and dexterous fingers. This man can scratch like a demon and just kills it each and every.

Few years back he delivered a mammoth and diverse session for our own Mantis Radio and whilst you should check that out, something a bit fresher is this; a recent set of his from March 23rd over in Berlin at the Suicide Circus club for record label Killekill’s 7th release party. Coming in just over the 3 hour mark this is technically, in the trade, classed as dynamite.

Also, those of you who are fans of Old Skool UK Hop and Britcore then he also re-upped a sterling mix of the stuff he recorded last year.

Jerome says of the mix

So here’s my techno set from the KilleKill party at Suicide Circus, Berlin. I played 12-3am and as the club opened at 12 I got to warm up for myself which was fun as i don’t often get to play some of these records.. Big thanks to Mark Hawkins for the recording.

All tracks are on vinyl and i’ll try to put together a tracklist when i have time, but feel free to ask for IDs and as always all comments are appreciated.
This was the release party for the Killekill 007 EP by Bill Youngman (who can be heard at the close of the set)

Jerome Hill , live at Suicide Circus, Berlin 23.03.2012
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