Dekode – Unwritten Future

With a tracklist that’s a wet dream as far as Darkfloor electronica goes this is Dekode with his Unwritten Future mix.

Mick Harris recording as Scorn kicks things off as Dekode thunders through some 42+ tracks. Aphex Twin, FZV, the wee djs, NIN, Monolake, Jeroen Liebregts, Speedy J, Doc Scott, British Murder Boys, Anstam, Pan Sonic, Cloaks, more Scorn and so many more.

Scorn – Still life
Uniform – A Swollen Vendetta (feat. Dälek)
Kangding Ray – Pruitt Igoe (Alva Noto remodel)
Datach’i – Bombing Brooklyn
Scorn – Gravel Bed (The Wee DJ’s remix)
FZV – a3kchz
Cane – Reeze
Polygon Window – Quoth
Camanecroszcope – On The Brink Of The Steep
Jeroen Liebregts – Keychain
Nine Inch Nail – At The Heart Of It All (Aphex Twin remix)
Orphx – Threshold (Substance remix)
Cloaks – Wired for singer
Project Arctic – The 88th Parallel
Scorn – The Palomar
Monolake – Shutdown
Surgeon – Shaper of the unknown
Gunjack – Collective Threat
Stormfield – Dysoriental (Bracket remix)
Scanone – Kik it (The Wee DJ’s remix)
Phoenecia – Odd Jobs (Skinpeel Version by Richard Devine)
Squaremeter – Winds, ruins
Makaton – Black Country
Speedy J – Pannik
Proem – Darker still
Richard Devine – Dock
Pan Sonic – Hades
Regis – Penetration
Duuster – Duuster En Donker (Funckarma Mix)
Doc Scott – Surgery
Squaremeter – Whores, smoke + shadows
British Murder Boys – Don’t give way to fear pt1
Anstam – Cree a1
Takaaki Itoh – Clean your shyness
Thomas Köner – Untitled
Planetary Assault Systems – Hold it (Deuce Remix)
Richard Devine – Helix Stair Helve
Polygon Window – Quixote
Exocet – Will en berg
Datachi’ – Blind
Milanese – Tony sombrero
Vex’d – Remains of the Day
+ other samples


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