Blackmass Plastics – Mix wot I done for Combat on SubFM

A firm favourite around Darkfloor is the audio abuse known as London’s Blackmass Plastics. A mysterious producer who few can match when it comes to heavy rolling jungle flavoured bass weight and mutant-skank.

Earlier in the week he dropped a fresh mix on Combat Recordings Riddim and Bruise show for Sub FM. Unable to keep the mix to himself ahead of Combat dropping the complete archive (of which I’ll update this post when that shows up) he’s let loose his onslaught. So that’s the introduction out of the way, strap yourself in for a heavy ride.

direct link to the set from last nite if u dont wanna hear stormfield waffling on the mic
also some of the old vinyl is shagged on this mix sorry if it get a bit gritty.

Blackmass Plastics – Mix wot I done for Combat on SubFM

Blackmass Plastics – Arpexone [UK Trends]
The Exaltics – Wrong Direction [Creme Organisation]
Jstat – Reaction Formation [Void Tactical Media]
Sem – Phox [Electron Industries]
I.B.M. – Devastate The Planet [Battle Trax]
Duran Duran Duran – Rejectro [dub]
Lorenz Attractor – Unknown [Praxis] can’t remember the name
Jon E Alpha – Transmarine [Access Tonal Coms]
Suburban Hell – List 2 [DJax Up-Beats]
Duran Duran Duran – Gheener 2013 [dub]
C-Tank – Unknown [Overdrive] Acid something or other
Lory D – Rancid [Sounds Never Seen]
Jstat – Positive-Feedback Loop [Void Tactical Media]
Jon E Alpha – Recharge [Access Tonal Coms]
Blackmass Plastics – Phase Atomix [dub]
The Mover – Ok Bassquake [Coldrush Records]
Grimjaw – Harsh Reality [Don’t]


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