Vacu Session 01 – Vacu Mix

I came across this mix whilst searching out some of the back catalogue of a forthcoming showcase artist for the radio show Mantis Radio. Collectively called the Vacu Sessions.

This, the first in the series, starts abstract, and continues with glitched technoid textures. Rising stuttered beats, rough electronics and a healthy dose of techno. If you are a fan of the Raster-Noton approach to sound design and forward thinking techno inspired beats then you’ll enjoy this.

The series remit is very much like our own here at Darkfloor –

Heavy or light, new and old, predictable or totally unknown: the important here is the dynamic of the music.
A continuous exploration of sound.

Vacu Session 01 – Vacu Mix

*0 – [0,-1,0]
Numan – Skull Crusher (edited)
Psycoded – Chemtrails (Elektronova remix)
Spit – Marina
Tantcui Tantcui – Looking For Drugs
Hakan Lidbo – Hypocrites
Massimo –
Massimo – Fales.ny
Kid606 – Mr Wobble’s Nightmare
White Zone – Lost In A Supermarket
Pom Pom – Untitled A2
Cristoph De Babalon – Dark Background I


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