Doryk – The Pilgrims Never Use Drugs

Hungary’s Robert Kiss is a producer and label owner whose sounds I keep returning to.

His label Audioexit is quite probably our favourite techno netlabel here at the Darkfloor hive and one of our favourite labels across the genres.

Over the past few years the label’s sound has evolved into the warehouse darkness that you and I feed off. Around this time last year (under his production alias Doryk) Robert produced a mix showcasing the sound of Audioexit (you can grab that here). And whilst this isn’t exactly a follow up it is an hour of dark and dank, black techno for late nights.

Featuring work from Dead Sound, Swarm Intelligence, Voidloss, Casual Violence (his brilliant remix of Doktrin’s Ijzerlijm), Arrestar’s huge track Prayer (the Charlton remix), Tyler Smith, Dialect, Pluge, Robert Pain, Hyo, Lolo aka Acidus, Oliver Kucera and others, strap in, turn it up and get lost in the dark.

Doryk – The Pilgrims Never Use Drugs

Dialect – 16ka2 [Transporta]
Pluge – Identify Your Position [Transporta]
Dead Sound – Realists Reality [Trust]
Roberto Ayensa – Open World [Dakoa]
Swarm Intelligence – Phases [Transporta]
Tyler Smith – Small Crying Girl [UTCH]
Voidloss – Culling is a Necessary Act of Life [Trust]
Jupi – Knedliky [Last Joint]
Doktrin – Ijzerlijm (Casual Violence remix) [Limetree Projects]
RF:Sound – Disabled [Audioexit]
Sceptical C – Escape fFrom Reality [Trust]
Lolo aka Acidus – Lenguajes [Join Da Beat]
Lolo aka Acidus – Paralizated (Hyo remix) [Dark Garden]
Lolo aka Acidus – Claud [Join Da Beat]
Robert Pain – Scena I [Transporta]
Arrestar – Prayer (Charlton remix) [Ante-Rasa]
Oliver Kucera – Broken Promises [Trust]


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