Doryk – Audioexit Records Promo Mix 2011

Hungarian techno netlabel Audioexit has been finding praise and support here at Darkfloor for a while now (Huta, Hidden Source, The Microwave Laboratory, being). We’re very happy to be see this promotional mix for the label arrive.

Label boss, and producer Robert Kiss (Doryk / P.c.m.n.) constructed this mix to showcase his label, its current catalogue and a few bits from upcoming releases. The very fact you’re reading this site means you’re quite partial to the darker techno sounds, industrially flavoured finish and at times dank warehouse vibe, so you’ll find much in the mix to satisfy. Well programmed this is a great introduction to one of our favourite techno labels.

Doryk – Audioexit Records Promo Mix 2011

DJ Mixersmith – Low Altitude (forthcoming)
Lolo aka Acidus – Toferina (AE042)
Tom SPL – Scorpion Walking (Wildcrush Running Mix) (AE036)
RF.Sound – Disabled (CBTO remix) (forthcoming)
Rafal Fürst – Bankowa (AE043)
Gabeen – With Ghosts Whisperer (AE034)
Drugstore – Shaumbra (AE040)
Rafal Fürst – Katowice (AE043)
RF.Sound – Max-e (forthcoming)
Tom SPL – Scorpion Walking (Pablo Bosio remix) (AE036)
The Bee – Factory 25 (AE040)
RF.Sound – No Exit (forthcoming)
Robotron – Hanette (AE041)
Solidpulze – Peripherical Control (AE039)
Dan Mute – Caffeine (AE040)
Balatro – Demon Arrived (Plastic Loopz remix) (AE038)
Robotron – Arc (AE041)
Lolo aka Acidus – Go Pijama (AE042)
Rafal Fürst – Dzierzynskiego (AE043)

The download has since fallen offline, I’m sure if you contact Doryk he’ll do a reup.


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