Ingen’s live PA for Particules

Straight outta Edinburgh comes a brand new live PA from Kevin Blackwood’s Ingen.

Recorded for French mix series Particules it’s an hour and seven of live techno workings from the Scottish producer and Savagen half. Hypnotic rhythms thud forward with some golden moments along the way (45 minutes in gets particularly sweet). Currently I’m not able to find a download option, even though the recording is up as a “podcast”, but we’ve got the feelers out and we’ll update if we can sort one.

Une heure où des rythmes complexes s’entrecroisent et s’entrechoquent pour définir un paysage sonore hors du commun, une heure pour modeler un univers musical allant au delà de ce que l’on connait.

A time when complex rhythms intertwine and collide to set an unusual soundscape, time to shape a musical universe that goes beyond what we know



Darkfloor Sound. A Label