Black Smith Craft – Manifest 001

There’s been a lack of techno mixes posted through our Darkfloor hive over the past few weeks. So following up yesterday’s Doryk post and Rory St John’s superb live at Tresor recording for Mantis Radio; here’s Black Smith Craft going dark and hard.

Plenty of you will already know that Black Smith Craft is the darker techno alias of France’s Tyler Smith. You’ll also be familiar with his sound either on Limetree Projects, or perhaps even his appearance on our Mantis Radio last year. If you’re not, don’t worry about it, ’cause here’s 90 minutes of the BSC launching the Manifest mix series. For me it’s a mix of artists and tracks I know together with a bunch of new names and tracks so will be educating as well as rinsing.

Black Smith Craft – Manifest podcast 001

Shapednoise – Untitled
Oliver Kucera – Komen no oni
DU71 – Helium stars
Puresque – Tatort (original mix)
DU71 – Contentment in difficulty
Jupi – Cista ryza
Snap-9A – Tempus fugit (Kwartz remix)
George Lanham – Ridley road (Minimum syndicate remix)
Energun – Schattenbild
Axs – Spidron seq 0
British murder boys – Be like I am
Snap-9A – Tempus fugit (Snap-9A after mix)
Kike Pravda – Scared
Mattias Fridell – Subsekt
Ctrls – Social vector
Kike Pravda – Exalt
Damolh33 – To form
Alhek – The eternal city
DU71 – Beyond space boundaries
Tomohiko Sagae – Two o’clock man
Kike Pravda – Scared (Ben Sims remix)
Oliver Kucera – Akumabito
Oliver Kucera – Ki ni Shinai
Francesco Baudazzi – Anello
DU71 – The truth awaits
Emmanuel Top – Harmonious therapy
Datura dilema – Crater


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