Koncode – 17-in-1 Electronic Glitch Kit Mix

A new artist with the UK Trends crew Koncode, of which the supplied bio couldn’t have put it better.

In the days of desperate genre hopping to find the definitive ‘next big thing’ Koncode has bucked the trend and stubbed out his bass cigar on the eyeballs of the industry…..
Rather than chase scenes and suck off pretentious pricks he has just made f**ked music which is unique, unclassifiable and uncompromising.
The tracks are instantly mixable within a number of genres and encourages the cross pollination of disparate sounds which Koncode actively promotes (he did after all famously mix the Vengaboyz into Squarepusher live on the mighty Sub FM!). His sounds take influence from all over the spectrum but a signature warped, triplet, bass heavy sound has been characterised on the few dubplates which have surfaced in 2010.
His first action as a UK Trends artist is to do an astounding 60 minute genre-hopping mix taking in Fidget, dubstep, plonky, glitch-hop, bleepcore, future garage and whatever other genres your mum and dad don’t approve of this week… it however does NOT include the Vengaboys!

Koncode – 17-in-1 Electronic Glitch Kit Mix
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Koncode – So Deep [dub]
Succulent-C – Grime Time [dub]
Rogue Star – Wing Zero [dub]
Shakira – Did It Again (Koncode’s Future Grime remix) [dub]
Fabio Lendrum – Trouble (Drop The Lime remix) [Road Records dub]
MJ Cole – Thekla Riddim [dub]
Shimmer – XXX (Hedfukkah remix) [dub]
Tin Dog – Amber [Asif dub]
KingThing – Flutter [L2S dub]
Kuoyah – Angels (Sully remix) [Frijsfo dub]
Threnody – So Many Tears (Shonx remix) [F.UK/TRNDZ dub]
Autopilot – Less Talk, More Bass [Deepstep]
Koncode – SWNGSWNG [dub]
Nodul – DDSSFF [dub]
Outlaw Breaks feat Gemma Fox – Dutty (Wiley remix) [Left Records]
Resketch – You & Me [L2S dub]
Koncode – Glitchlet [dub]


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