hanal – Skam_ix

hanal is a man of many mixes, and with one hell of a record collection. He’s also pretty damn smooth at mixing his collection together.

This, his Skam_ix, which he upped about a month ago, is strictly SKAM, delivering 20 minutes of British IDM.

Prepare for a short, but definitely worthy SKAM education.

hanal – Skam_ix

Gescom – Mag 3.1426 (remixed by Ae)
Nuearz – Hedonism
VHS Head – Starring
VHS Head – Growler spit you Out
Gescom – C2
Nuearz – Moody Person
VHS Head – Kincard
Gescom – A1
VHS Head – Brain Damaged
Gescom – D1
VHS Head – The Murder Cycles
Mr 76ix – Battle Bots
Gescom – B1
Team Doyobi – Naked To The Stars


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