Savier’s mix for Industrial Wasteland

Scottish noise wrangler Savier guested on Kenny Campbell’s Industrial Wasteland recently. As you’d expect from the noise half of Darkfloor duo Savagen it’s rife with dank groan, growl, and cantankerous filth.

From unreleased Savagen material to Cloaks, Matt TDK, Kevin ‘The Bug’ Martin + Justin Broadrick under their Curse of the Golden Vampire guise, Savier’s breakcore tech project Raw Village Hall, drum n bass royalty Dom & Roland and every Granny’s favourite Goatvargr – Savier builds the nightmare, nurses the paranoia, and ups the filth.

Savier – Industrial Wasteland Episode 010

SAVAGEN – He Gets Fed at Home [unreleased]
Mael – The Sky is Awake [unreleased]
Pished On Drugs – We Enjoyed Ourselves And That’s the Main Thing [
SAVAGEN – This Is My Bollocking Face Part 1 [unreleased]
Pished on Drugs – I Am Traffic []
Cloaks – Against [3by3]
Matt TDK – Halfstep [unreleased]
Bone Skippers – Scorpion Fly [unreleased]
Curse of the Golden Vampire – Ultrasonic Meltdown [Digital Hardcore]
Nailbomb – Sum of Your Achievements [Roadrunner Records]
LLB – Crap Tats On A Rotting Corpse []
Basshell(’s pal speaking) – Lovely Juice
Curse of the Golden Vampire – Parasite [Ipecac]
Raw Village Hall – Nothing But Mediocrity at the Shows [Acre Recordings]
Wretch – Roe Deer Bar [Acre Recordings]
Alec Empire – The Destroyer [Digital Hardcore]
Dom & Roland – Jungle Beast [Dom & Roland Productions]
Goatvargr – Drunk on the Blood of The Goat [Cold Spring]


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