Hyo’s live set for Geométrika FM

It was only recently that we came across the work of Hyo and the thirst for more has been quenched as this live set for Spanish site Geométrika FM surfaced on our networks.

Jonathan Gallo Sevilla delivers a fresher selection of beats than the previously posted session recorded at Hangar, VII Aniversario Espiral Sonora recorded back in November last year. Do check out that session for some background on Hyo and his approach to production.

Hyo – Live Set for Geométrika FM (Jun 2011)
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Hyo – Nostalgia
Hyo – Savage (Loop)
Hyo – Map (Loop)
Hyo – Mr Jr (Loop)
Hyo – Ignition Sequence Start (Loop)
Hyo – Batbit (Loop)
Hyo – Day Of The Rest
Hyo – CRTS (Loop)
Hyo – 1908 Tunguska (Loop Version)
Hyo – CRTS2 (Loop)
Hyo – A Try (Loop)
Hyo – Sweet Pain (Loop)
Hyo – Batbit (Alternative Loop)
Hyo – From Lost To The River (Hyo rework)


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