Thatswecalltechno#4 – Mike Stern

It was only recently that we added the 3rd mix in this series to Darkfloor. As luck or maybe convention would it, here’s the 4th. From the Parisian Mike Stern comes a 33 track beast of a mix.

Quite a lot of personal favourites in that playlist. Recommended if you like techno like we like techno here at Darkfloor.

Thatswecalltechno#4 – Mike Stern

GFP + Kreiss – It’s On A Movie
Tommy Four Seven – G
Dominik Muller – Wajcha (PO Remix)
Mattias Fridell – Inductive Circuit (Oliver Kucera remix)
QuitQuiteQuick Aka Obtane – Conspiracy Theories
Silent Breed – Mental Surgery
V1NZ – Corners InTime
Sick Cycle – MKO
DJ Shufflemaster – Onto The Body
Makaton – All the False Idols
Steve Rachmad – Chios
Sawf – Slim – (DVS1 Four By Four Mix)
Darko Esser – Clean Slate (Lucy Remix)
Steve Lorenz – Geisterbhan
Reeko – 6 Sievert
Peverelist – Dance Til the Police Come
Peek – Sphinx
Trackman – Don’t Stop (Perc’s Stop Start Mix)
Jeroen Liebregts – Templates (Christian Wunsch remix)
Fran Hartnett – Reducer
Ascon Bates – Leading Me
Peter Van Hoesen – Colony
Dipole – +Pole
The Black Dog – Northern Electronic Soul (Claro Intelecto Snake Pass Mix)
Planetary Assault Systems – Raid
Oscar Mulero – In A Silent Way
Luis Ruiz – Autumn
Xhin + Lucy – LX2
Surgeon – Intro Version II
Traversable Wormhole – Closed Timelike Curve (Marcel Dettmann remix)
Ancient Methods + Adam X – Proarrythmia (Ancient Methods Mix)
Boddika – Syn Chron
Chasing Voices – Acidbathory


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