EDMX – Cerberus on Power Vacuum

Ed DMX is one of electro’s most reliable practitioners. Next week sees a new EP for Power Vacuum step into the light, the hardest release yet for the long haired Breaking Records label boss.

If you’re expecting the trademark electro funk and syncopated rhythms from the prolific DMX Krew you’re going to need to look to his recent Wavey Tones or Voltaire Records EPs. This is raw, dirty, warehouse rinse operating in that always pleasing gabba kick realm.

I cannot wait to get my hands on it when it’s released next week, July 16th. Until then, check out the promo video: containing drum machines, UV painted hands and nature clips.

EDMX – Cerberus
EDMX – I’m Rushing My Tits Off
EDMX – Orange Squash


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