Matt TdK & Kenny Campbell ready EP for Raven Sigh

Are you hankering for some more Matt TdK material following his intense yet sparse Industry and tamed heady A Critical Sloeber released last week? Well Vancouver based Raven Sigh (headed up by Huck Farper) have in the works a new EP from the Welshman in Rotterdam.

The EP also features material from Kenny Campbell, Farper’s other half of technoise duo Bone Skippers, and two remixes from Chrononautz and one from Farper on TdK’s Mirror Image. Expect this early 2016.

Matt TdK – Warped And Weird
Matt TdK – Run For Your Lives
Matt TdK – Mirror Image
Kenny Campbell – Here To Do The Devil’s Work
Kenny Campbell – Urban Jungle
Kenny Campbell – Urban Jungle (Chrononautz remix)
Kenny Campbell – Here To Do The Devil’s Work (Huck Farper remix)
Matt TdK – Mirror Image (Chrononautz remix)


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